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Teaching is how one adult instructs a child. Education is a two way process.

We are definitely aiming to give our pupils the latter. As the times and the world around us are changing, children’s needs are changing too. On top of the usual academic achievements they also require a wider set of skills in order to ensure their further success in life. This is why we encourage our pupils to find their own voices, grow their confidence and take gradual steps towards the ownership of their learning.


We all end up writing, reading and counting, but how many of us can say that we had a great experience learning to do so?

The happiness of each individual child is a first priority to us. At this early stage of their education it is crucial that the children feel safe, natured, valued and supported in the school environment. It’s only then that they are able to develop enthusiasm towards their learning, show individual interests and as a result achieve their full academic potential.

We acknowledge that every child is different and learns in different ways. This is why each pupil’s development is approached in an individual way and even though the national curriculum is one for all, the difficulty of the tasks assigned to the children will vary within the class. This will ensure that the task at hand is stimulating, but will not crash a child’s confidence.


We believe in a holistic education, ensuring our pastoral care and co-curricular provision are as excellent as our academic achievements. Children are encouraged by teachers to understand themselves and to appreciate and respect each other.

The space and local facilities allow for a big diversity of opportunities in and outside the classroom, such as tennis lessons, drama, technology classes, dance lessons, field trips and many others.

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